LG Phone Repair in Christchurch

LG Repair Services

LG Model Support

We stock all parts to repair the following models:

  • LG G2 / G3/ G4 / G5
  • Nexus 5 / Nexus 5x

LG Service Support

We regularly repair issues relating to:

  • Cracked / broken screens & LCD’s
  • Faulty charging ports, microphones and headphone jacks 
  • Low life or dead batteries

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LG History

LG Electronics are a South Korean multinational electronics company, which manufacture a varied array of devices including smartphones. Their flagship phones are the LG G Series the first of which -The G2 – was released September 2013 and latest – The G5 – was released in April 2016. LG also produce a number of low-mid range smartphones including the Optimus series and the Nexus 5 & Nexus 5x which they developed in conjunction with Google. LG phones are best known for their innovative and unusual design features such as the LG Flex, a curved flexible smartphone and the LG G5, the only major consumer modular smartphone.