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About Mycom

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Mycom Electronics Ltd has been servicing telecommunications product for well over 20 years.

In August 2015 we moved into our new premises with larger workshop, reception and spare parts area.

We primarily service telecommunication product including smartphones, cordless phones answering machines, fax machines, Marine radio, PRS radio, and CB radio. Because of this we get to know the products being serviced which gives us the leading edge and quicker turnaround.
Our spare parts area is much larger with a greater range of parts than before.

  • testi-left
    Just been to pick up my phone and had awesome service from the team at Mycom. Very quick turnaround (24 hours) and great value. Will be back!


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    Absolutely fabulous service. Totally agree with why they are no.1, would definitely recommend Mycom to anyone needing iphone/ipod or iPad repairs.....awesome!!


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    Great service!! I've always been happy with Apple products for their usability and reliability. With MyCom I'm now doubly stoked that if something goes wrong with my iPod/iPad/iPhone for whatever reason that they can sort it without lengthy delays or excessive costs :)


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    Seriously good these guys! They are knowledgable and very fast service.